Cat Celebrates His 31st Christmas, Making Him 141 in Cat Years

Cat Celebrates His 31st Christmas, Making Him 141 in Cat Years


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26 years ago a couple was chosen by a 5-year-old stray cat in their backyard. Since then, he's been an important part of their family. Today, he's celebrating his 31st Christmas.

Meet Nutmeg the cat!

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This super senior cat used one of his nine lives when he bounced back from an illness last year. The tabby cat is a real fighter.

Now at the ripe age of 31, he has one deaf ear and only three teeth left, but the kitty is as strong as a bull and not ready to kick the bucket.

Nutmeg found his humans, Liz and Ian Finlay, 26 years ago. The scrawny kitty stole the couple's hearts. They took him to Cat Protection League to be checked over, and the kitty was estimated to be five years old according to the condition of his teeth.

They saved his life, and he returned the favor by being their most loyal and lovable companion.

"He is not our cat – we are his humans and he never lets us forget that. I think that's the secret to his long life," Ian told ChronicleLive.

Nutmeg having his 31st Christmas with his loved ones this year.

Nutmeg was found as a stray so his exact birth cannot be verified. As a result, Guinness World Record wouldn't recognize their claim, but the couple love their old man no matter what.

Scooter the cat was crowned the Oldest Living Cat at the age of 30 until he passed away. The title went back to Corduroy the cat (26).


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