Cat Climbs Through Window of Home & Gives Birth Under Boy's Bed


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A cat climbed through the window of a family's home and gave birth to a litter of three under a bed.

"We were contacted by the surprised Forrest family from White Street in Whitburn on Wednesday afternoon (15 May) after they discovered the feline and her three new born kittens in their seven year old son's bedroom," said Scottish SPCA. They named the cat May.

"It seems May climbed up scaffolding and got into the little boy's room through an open window. She's certainly an adventurous cat as their flat is three stories high."

"On Tuesday night I was sure I could hear meowing but couldn't find anything. Then on Wednesday afternoon I was in Kelvin's room and heard it again. I glanced under the bed and saw a pair of cat's eyes. I got quite a fright and asked my husband to come up and have a look. When he lifted the bed up that's when we realized she had just given birth. I ran out and bought her a tin of food while I waited for the Scottish SPCA to arrive," Nicola Forrest said.

May the cat enters the home through the window and gives birth to a litter of three under a bed

The Scottish SPCA is looking for the owner of the cat. "If you recognise May please call 03000 999 999. If we can return May and her kittens home that would be wonderful but if no-one comes forward we'll be looking to find them new owners once they are ready to be separated."

Photo by Scottish SPCA. Find them on Facebook.

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