Cat Escaped from Trash Compactor

Cat Escaped from Trash Compactor


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A white and black cat was transported from a local dumpster to a garbage truck, eventually made its way to a trash facility. It finally jumped out of a pile of dump right before it was to be transported to the trash compactor. Though "cats have 9 lives" is a myth, it does exhibit how swift and agile cats can be when it comes to life-threatening situations.

Stray or feral cats like to hang out at the dumpster to scavenge for food. Often time they find a metal, rusted, trash filled container a nice, relatively quiet place for them to take refuge in. We do not know how many cats are actually hiding in the trash cans or dumpsters because of their instinct to hide in the bush to look out for prey or stay hidden from predators.

Though in this incident, the 2 cats escaped from otherwise a terrible tragedy, it does make me wonder if there could be a better way to transport trash, so there would not be any accident in the future.

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