Cat Found In Car's Engine Compartment

Cat Found In Car's Engine Compartment


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A ginger cat was found in a car’s engine compartment yesterday. "My neighbors ring my doorbell saying they think there is a cat in my car," the car owner said via reddit. "Right after I was able to remove her from my car, she jumped out of my hands and ran under my neighbor’s car and jumped in there. Just scared and wanted to be in dark places I think."

When he brought the kitten into his home, she took refuge under the couch. Moseph the resident dog came to see the kitten and started licking her.  It was an instant bond. "They are getting along just fine. My dog is cool with cats. He’ll just sniff and lick her," he added. "And yup. I think I’m a cat owner now."

A ginger cat was found in a car's engine compartment. This is kitty cuddling with her rescuer.

After hiding under the couch for sometime, she came out to get some water. "She’s finally drinking! She hasn’t eaten or drunk anything since I found her yesterday."

She's won his heart. "I think I’m a cat owner now."

When kitty met his dog Moseph, they bonded instantly.

Photos via reddit.

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