Cat Hair DNA Linked Man to First Degree Murder

Cat Hair DNA Linked Man to First Degree Murder


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A man, Henry Lee Polk, from Kansas City was convicted of first degree murder after investigators recovered cat hair from the victim's pockets where the DNA from the hair matched the cats Polk kept at his home.

Prosecutors said the murder of Stephen M. Nolte took place inside his house when he was there working on an renovation on March 1, 2004. His body was found near the front door where "his throat had been slashed, and his pockets had been turned inside out."

The only posession Polk took from Nolte was $450 cash.

A search warrant was issued at Polk's property and various cat hair was sampled and brought into a DNA lab in California. The test results confirmed that the hair found in the victim's pockets indeed came from the cats from Polk's house. This crucial evidence eventually led the case to a conclusion.

It is interesting to see how cats have the ability to help humans in various ways. Sometimes they alarm people to get out of a dangerous situation such as a burning house, and other times their very existence helps bring criminals into justice.


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