Cat Included on Top of Wedding Cake

Cat Included on Top of Wedding Cake


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A couple ordered a wedding cake that not only symbolized the beginning of their marriage, but also the day when they would start a family together with their beloved cat Aleph. On top of their wedding cake, a lovely ginger tabby cat doll was placed alongside the bride and the groom.

Aleph was once a feral, foraging for food everyday near a luncheon. He fed off scraps that others offered him until one day he was badly injured by a customer who brutally kicked the cat, leaving him blind in one eye.

Valeria Cordeiro, an animal rescuer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil found Aleph and took the little one with her. He was very ill, had trouble breathing, but with a lot of care and love from Valeria, he slowly recovered.

João and Mariana a loving couple decided to adopt Aleph and give him everything that he so deserved to have - a loving home and a new happy life. On their wedding day, they made a doll of Aleph and placed it on top of their wedding cake to show everyone how much he means to them - Aleph is not only part of their family but also an important part of their life.


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