Cat Shields Her Kittens from the Cold at Schoolyard Until Rescuers Arrive

Cat Shields Her Kittens from the Cold at Schoolyard Until Rescuers Arrive


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A feline family of four were found at a schoolyard in Bronx, New York. The cat mom kept her kittens safe and shielded them from the cold.

Little Wanderers NYC

Ezra, a high school student, spotted a cat and three kittens in the schoolyard of Lucero Elementary School (in the Bronx).

The mama cat was very protective of her babies and kept them close by her side. She tried to keep them out of harm's way and helped them stay warm with an old mat she found outside.

Knowing the weather was getting cold, Ezra contacted Little Wanderers NYC and asked for help.

Little Wanderers NYC

"We were overwhelmed (with rescues) but could not let this one go by — especially knowing that a snowstorm was on its way," Stephanie Tulien, President of Little Wanderers, told Love Meow.

Camey and Frank, rescue volunteers of Little Wanderers, immediately stepped up to help.

Little Wanderers NYC

They set humane traps in the area and waited almost an entire day to get the little family to safety. "Their patience paid off and they saved four lives that day from an otherwise horrible fate."

The cat mama (Scarlett) and her kittens were taken to the vet and treated for kitty colds.

Little Wanderers NYC

"School yard mom and her kittens have been rescued from a Bronx school yard," Little Wanderers posted the good news on Instagram.

Camey took the little family home to foster so they could start their healing process.

Little Wanderers NYC

Soon after they were back together in a warm bed, Mama Scarlett snuggled up on her kittens, covering them with her body while purring up a storm.

Scarlett could finally relax as if she knew her kittens were in good hands. She began to spend more me-time with her human friends and enjoy her new VIP life, being loved and spoiled.

Little Wanderers NYC

Mama Scarlett and two of her kittens (Lenny and Moe) have been adopted since. The rescue hopes to find little Cayleigh a loving home for the holidays.

"Four lives were saved — Little Wanderers brings critical direct rescue services to the front lines of the rescue battle," Stephanie said.

Little Wanderers NYC

With help from the student and rescuers, these kitties will get to enjoy a warm holiday season with a loving family instead of braving the cold on the streets of New York.

"Together we are making an impact."

Little Wanderers NYC

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Watch their rescue journey in this video:

Schoolyard cat and her

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