Cat Appears at Residence with Kittens in Tow, One of Them Needing Plenty of Help to Learn to be Brave

Cat Appears at Residence with Kittens in Tow, One of Them Needing Plenty of Help to Learn to be Brave


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A cat appeared at a residence with her kittens in tow, one of them needing plenty of help to learn to be brave.

cute fluffy tabby kittenMikkie the kitten@comrescuemontreal

A family who has been assisting community cats in their neighborhood, saw a mother and her two kittens in their yard. The trio had come to the right place to seek food and shelter.

Over the years, Chantal and her family have rescued and spayed/neutered many strays and built shelters in their yard to provide food and safety. When they spotted the mother with her two in tow, they started caring for them and tried to win them over.

The feline family was wary of people, evading human contact and keeping everyone at bay. With lots of patience and tasty morsels, the cat mom began to warm up to her food providers.

tabby cat kittens strayA cat brought her two kittens to a family's yard@comrescuemontreal

"The kittens were weaned, but they followed their mom in the yard and slept in the shelters," Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

Having claimed the yard as her own, the cat mom summoned her courage to approach the family for food and attention. She began to lower her guard and relax around her caretakers.

stray cat kittens eatingThe family started feeding and caring for them@comrescuemontreal

The family was able to get the mom spayed and brought all three of them to safety.

The cat was happy to be free from the burden of motherhood. Her days of scrounging for food and searching for shelter were over. The family was smitten with her and decided to keep her.

kittens feral tabbiesThe kittens were born outside and wary of people@comrescuemontreal

Having been born in the wild and unacquainted with humans, the kittens desperately needed socialization. Chatons Orphelins Montreal took them in and secured a foster home to help them through the process.

After a trip to the vet, the pair, named Marlah (short-haired) and Mikkie (long-haired), came into the care of a wonderful foster family. Their eyes flickered with hope despite their shyness.

torbie kittens rescuedMarlah and Mikkie were rescued and taken to a foster home for socialization@comrescuemontreal

"They were around four months old, very scared and never had much human contact before coming to us."

The foster family gave them a quiet room to decompress. They sniffed around the place, devoured their meal and curled up in their cozy, warm bed, slowly adjusting to the comforts of indoor living.

torbie kittens conesThey were spayed, vetted and safe indoors@comrescuemontreal

Marlah, the braver of the two, emerged from her shell and revealed her playful inner kitten. Her stranger-danger radar quickly turned off as she discovered the warmth of a loving home.

"She started to trust and purred whenever she was near her people. She became very close to her foster family."

fluffy torbie kitten catMikkie was intrigued by her new surroundings@comrescuemontreal

Her sister, Mikkie, though still very shy in appearance, craved affection and love. As she became more comfortable in her new surroundings, her purr motor kicked into gear, a soft rumble of contentment.

Mikkie needed reassurance and preferred having a routine to help build her confidence.

fluffy torbie kittenSlow but surely, she warmed up to her people@comrescuemontreal

"She likes to observe what is happening around her with great interest. You have to earn her trust to get her purrs going. Now, she purrs when we cuddle her, and she knows belly rubs," Celine shared.

Her playful side came alive as she grew more trusting of her people.

playful torbie kittenShe loves to play and seek affection@comrescuemontreal

"She increasingly appreciates this new life with security and unlimited cuddles."

The once-scared and unsure kitten has blossomed into a confident and sweet young cat. She relishes the attention of her trusted humans, bold in her requests for pets.

beautiful fluffy torbie kitten cat@comrescuemontreal

The cat mom stumbled upon the perfect place for support. "Marlah and Mikkie were so lucky to have been rescued from life on the streets."

They now bask in the warmth of love, their every whim fulfilled.

standing cat playful@comrescuemontreal

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