Cat Mama and Son Rescued from the Attic

Cat Mama and Son Rescued from the Attic


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A tabby cat mama decided to settle down in an attic and give birth to her litter of three. "We found a stray in our attic… We were renting the house, there was a small hole under where the roof overhangs from the house that vents the heat from the attic. It was supposed to have a screen over it but the screen was missing. Mama is quite capable of climbing and somehow she spotted the hole and was able to shimmy in and out. She gave birth in the attic and was able to get out to hunt and get food then would come back to check on the kittens. All we kept hearing was scratching behind the walls, so we had someone come out to see what was going on and there they were!" said the family that adopted the entire family of four.

The little kitten in the photos wouldn't stop meowing and has always been a vocal one. He turned out to be a Maine Coon mix. He is a big kitty with a lot of fluff. They named him Cosmo. "His sisters are tiny kitties compared to him."

Cat mama and her kittens rescued from the attic. This is Mama and her son. He wouldn't stop meowing.

Mama protects and comforts her kitten

They were all adopted by the family. The little kitten turned out to be a Maine Coon mix. His name is Cosmo. This is him today with a lot of fluff.

Photos via reddit.

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