Stray Cat Finds Woman and Insists on Following Her Home - She Realizes the Kitty Needs Help

Stray Cat Finds Woman and Insists on Following Her Home - She Realizes the Kitty Needs Help


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Laura Cassiday from Baltimore, Maryland was walking her dog Monday morning when she came across a stray cat, who ran up to her and started meowing.

Laura Cassiday

The cat caught up with them and followed them onto their front porch. "When I went inside, she scratched at the door to come inside," Laura told Love Meow. "It was raining and I'd never seen her around the neighborhood before so I decided to take a look at her."

When she got closer, she realized that the cat was emaciated. "She was geriatric, just skin and bones, and covered in fleas. Her coat was matted and dirty. Her mouth seemed rotten and painful, and her gait was wobbly and crooked."

Laura was already running late for work. She knew she couldn't leave the cat out in the cold and rain in this condition, so made the snap decision to take her in.

Laura Cassiday

She set up a room for the cat with comfy beds, food and water, and named her Bones. The kitty was starving and wolfed down an entire can of wet food. After getting a full belly, she was so happy and purring nonstop.

Bones is not the first older feline in need that Laura has encountered. Just recently, she adopted a 26-year-old super senior cat, Thomas, from her local shelter. "I really wasn't looking to add another cat to my menagerie of misfits, but she insisted and I refused to put her back outside in her condition."

Laura Cassiday

Laura posted about the cat online, and a few neighbors replied that they had seen the cat around for years, and Animal Control had spayed (TNRed) her in the past.

Knowing that the cat needed medical attention, Laura got in touch with The Feline Rescue Association (FRA) which she's been volunteering, and asked if they could help the kitty. "She clearly wanted to live inside and I'm not too sure she would have made it out there for another winter," Laura told Love Meow.

Laura Cassiday

FRA agreed to get her into their rescue without hesitation, and Laura offered to foster her until the kitty was ready to find a forever home. Meanwhile, the rescue will take care of all the medical care and future care that she will require.

The sweet girl weighs just five pounds and is estimated to be around 10 years old. She doesn't have a microchip.

Laura Cassiday

"We are dealing with a urinary tract infection and the vet suspects hyperthyroidism. She got some fluids today as well as antibiotics and pain meds for her arthritis," Laura said.

"She was a very good girl and even took a nap on the exam table while we were waiting (at the vet)."

Laura Cassiday

Laura couldn't say no when she saw the kitty asking for help. "What am I supposed to do when a cat in that bad of shape literally follows me home?"

"I'm glad she's off the street and finally getting the care she needs."

Laura Cassiday

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