Cat Travels 1400 Miles on Luxury Ferry as a VIP Passenger

Cat Travels 1400 Miles on Luxury Ferry as a VIP Passenger


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Flickr: HAR75

Sandi a beautiful ginger tom cat traveled 1,400 miles from UK to Spain then back to UK on a luxury cruise ship. Sandi went for a walk Thursday night and did not return the next day. His human parents, Tim Austin and Patricia Austin were worried about him and posted "lost cat" notices on the internet and in their neighborhood. However, there was no sign of Sandi.  They assumed that their cat might not come back.

In the meantime, in Spain a few ferry staffers discovered a ginger feline under a lorry while they were unloading the ship. The crew took the kitty to a vet immediately and the vet was able to locate a microchip embedded in the cat which indicated that he was registered in the UK. The ferry crew decided to offer the little feline a VIP service on a luxurious trip back home.

They fed Sandi a special meal of salmon, chicken and other ingredients that would normally cost a person up to £266. The crew members paid hourly visits to see the cat. Even the Caption decided to make time to meet the little furry passenger. During the 36 hour sailing, Sandi was given a nice pillow and a few jackets to keep warm.

No one knows exactly how Sandi ended up getting on the luxury boat, but one theory was that the cat  jumped on the bonnet of a car to keep warm, but only to find out that he was taken to a ferry port. He then hopped on the boat and was shipped 720 miles away from the UK.

Sandi has reunited to the Austins who are grateful for his return.

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