Cat Tries to Avoid Jury Duty but Denied Disqualification

Cat Tries to Avoid Jury Duty but Denied Disqualification


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Sal Esposito is called to fulfill his jury duty in Boston on March 23. He is trying to avoid it otherwise he would need a ride to go to court and a lot of help from his owner because Sal is a cat.

Since Sal is a member of the Esposito family, his owner Anna Esposito put his name on the last census form as a family pet. She crossed out "dog" and added "cat" instead.

Though she attempted to have him excused from the court, she had to pick a reason to state why Sal is not able to attend his jury duty. According to the form that she had to submit, a number of choices were provided to explain the reason of disqualification: old age, illness, a convicted felon, and do not speak English. Ana simply chose the most obvious reason - do not speak English.

The request was then denied and the jury commission was unmoved. Sal is still ordered to attend his jury duty as originally scheduled.

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Image via flickr: Purrs & Paws of A.R.A.S.

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