This Cat Uses Power of Purr to Help Kids Fall in Love with Books


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A friendly Birman cat from Washington has helped and encouraged kids to read and learn. Many children have fallen in love with reading because of their fluffy feline friend.

Meet Raul the cat.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Raul has a calm temperament and a love of people. He is a registered therapy cat and gets to work with kids for many different reasons but mostly it's for reading practice. Practicing reading out loud is one of the best ways to learn, but many children are shy doing it because they are afraid that others might judge them if they make a mistake. Raul uses his power of purr to calm their nerves and help keep them relaxed.

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Before Raul became a therapy cat, he always loved to cuddle with children. His human mom knew right then Raul had something very special in him.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Children are motivated to participate in the reading and study programs because they will get a chance to read to Raul.

Raul likes to sit in their lap or curl up in their arms while the children read the story out loud to him.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Besides reading, Raul also works with special needs children helping them learn how to interact socially with their environment .

The kids have fallen in love with reading because they know Raul will always listen and he will never judge.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Sometimes Raul gives them a kiss or a lick for the good work they do.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

The kids adore their reading companion and give him kisses and lots of cuddles.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Petting Raul helps calm their nerves when they read out loud.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Raul loves his little human friends and can't get enough of their attention and love.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

With Raul's help, the children also learn how to care and love animals.

Each week this boy reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Raul. This time he brought a surprise for his feline buddy after the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar toys!

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

After reading, Raul rewards them with cuddles and purrs.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Raul uses his power of purr to help these children read and learn to love.

Photo: @raulthetherapycat

Books and cats are the purrfect combination!

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