Cat Wedged in Food Can Finds Way to Shelter

Cat Wedged in Food Can Finds Way to Shelter


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A female cat somehow found her way to an animal rescue center despite having her head stuck in a food can. It's puzzling everyone how the cat wandered to the Scottish SPCA's Wildlife Rescue Center in Middlebank without being hit by traffic or harmed by obstructions.

The cat was found by staff at the Fife rescue center with a Whiskas tin stuck on her head. Colin Seddon, manager at the rescue center believed that the cat was probably scavenging for food, lodged her head in a litter can and was not able to get out.

"Luckily no damage was done and the little cat was very pleased to be freed from the discomfort that comes with having your head stuck inside a tin can" said Seddon.

"She may have got the can stuck on her head and then became disorientated, it's lucky she wasn't hit by a car."

Sedden also stressed that discarded cans or other litter pose a threat to many wild or domestic animals.

The cat was wearing a distinctive collar decorated with green cat's eyes. The animal charity said that it is likely that she was abandoned by her owner.

via BBC, Scotsman

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