Cats Survive House Fire, Saved By Kindness


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A house in the Southern upstate New York was burned down and these 4 cats were without a home. A kind woman that lives nearby took them in, built a shelter and started caring for them.

"My sister-in-law has been feeding their cats. Here they are ready for her to bring them dinner," Slammber of Reddit wrote. "The house burned down and is not habitable for humans but the cats have remained. A single mom and her 5 children got out safely.... My sister-in-law feeds them faithfully and made a kitty shelter for them while they await forever homes."

The kind woman, her boss, and a doctor have been working together to provide food and necessities for the cats.

4 cats were left homeless after a house fire. A kind woman lives nearby found them, built a shelter. "Here they are ready for her to bring them dinner."

Photo via reddit.

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