Cats Working at Canadian Tire

Cats Working at Canadian Tire


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Two cats just became the new employees at a tire store in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. They were found in a parking lot in the freezing cold, and have been living in this store for the past 3 months. The staff are treating them as if the store is where they belong.

"We are always forever cuddling them," said Monica Pyke, an employee of the tire store. They have set up a place for the kitties to sleep inside the store. That's not all. Employees also rotate shifts so there will be enough food and water.

Customers love the idea of having feline friends at the store. The two cats have softened the environment and brought a lot of smiles to the people who shop there.

They named the cats Jimmy and Baby who have now got a new job and their forever loving home.

Jimmy and Baby are the new employees at the Canadian Tire store. They were rescued from the freezing cold in a parking lot and the staff took them in and gave them a home at the store.

Jimmy and Baby now have found a new job and a new home.

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