Charlie, A Rascal and Izzy, An Admirer

Charlie, A Rascal and Izzy, An Admirer


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Charlie and Izzy's story - written by Sarah (©sar'sshots)

Charlie is a very cheeky chappie, extremely mischievous and just has a way of finding trouble, even if he's not (on that particular occasion) responsible for creating it! As a consequence of Charlie's varoius mischiefs I am constantly on guard, ensuring he doesn't use up his nineth and final live, for he sure has used up the others for all the scrapes and adventures he has got himself into.

An example of the consequence of one of Chalries misgivings is the fact that I have child safety locks attached to my fridge and freezer. I came home from work one day to find Charlie had broken into the kitchen (unlatching the door) pulled open the freezer door, a freezer drawer and he had pawed out a bag of frozen garlic bread. By the time I got home, the bread had defrosted, along with the contents of my freezer. Charlie had also chewed opened the bag and nibbled an end section from the loaf!

I promise I don't starve Charlie. As you can see from the photos, he has a very squidgey belly, which Izzy uses as a pillow.

Izzy. Izzy dotes on Charlie, total utter devotion! Unfortunately, her feelings aren't reciprocated with the same degree of sentiment! Although, Charlie is known to groom Izzy on a daily basis. Charlie has an menagerie of local felines in the village who worship him, along with Izzy, who patiently waits at home for him. Izzy likes to play fetch with her toy mouse - she will literally go back and forth for hours, dropping the mouse at your feet and miaowing at you until you throw it again - she loves human interaction and is quite the retriever. Izzy is quite shy, but incredibly loyal and a real sweetie. Charlie, on the other hand is everything but the Burmese he is meant to be, hunting, rolling in dirt and a general all round rougue. A rogue that everyone can't help but adore! Full of confidence and charisma, loving all the attention he gets from humans and his feline following alike!

Photos courtesy of Sarah (©sar'sshots)

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