Dexter the Energetic Kitten and His Brother

Dexter the Energetic Kitten and His Brother


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Dexter is one of two new kittens welcomed to Marlene's home last December. It took them 6 months to be ready to accept another cat after their cats Tess and Scratch passed away.

"It's hard to believe that they are from the same litter since there is such a difference in size. Rusty is the big one and was the first born of the litter. Dexter, is small but feisty and he was the runt of the litter... Dexter has been the energetic one from the beginning - he bounces around the house and likes to play with his brother. Rusty is more laid back and can often be found watching his crazy brother playing. Dexter definitely looks up to his brother and loves to snuggle with him." said Marlene.

Dexter is very feisty so he doesn't let his small stature stop him. "The kittens love to play on our bed in the morning when I am making it. Dexter, as always, is the most rambunctious. He is totally into the play. I think he sees ghosts in the blanket..."

In week 2, Dexter had grown much. "He is growing like a weed and looks more like a toddler than a baby kitten now. He is still small... still a full pound behind his brother Rusty. Our kittens have become very spoiled in the short time we have had them." Besides all the toys and scratching posts they got from their human parents, they are never short of love and attention from everyone in the family.

Photos courtesy of ©Marlene Thoms (flickr: Kadacat).

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