Dog Found Orphaned Kitten and Became Her New Dad


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A dog found a little kitten and adopted her as his own. They have never been apart since.

When Randy R. took his dog Scooter out for a walk and exercise, they found a tiny ball of fur. It was a 2 week old kitten who could barely walk.

While Randy nursed the kitten around the clock, Scooter was always there guarding and ready to offer a paw. They named the kitty Peanut.

Scooter has watched Peanut grow and is very protective of her. They share an inseparable bond.

Scooter the dog found a little orphaned kitten when he was out walking with his owner.

Photo by Randy Rundio.

They took the kitten in and Scooter adopted her as his own.

Photo by Randy Rundio.

He watched her grow. The two share an inseparable bond.

Photo by Randy Rundio.

Photo by Randy Rundio.

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