Dog Helps Rescue Kittens On Rainy Day and the Kitties Think He's Their Dad


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Three weeks ago, when Victoria was leaving for work with her dog Turbo, she was surprised by what she found.

As she walked out of the door, she heard a tiny meow and saw a kitten, then more kittens.


It was a rainy morning in Maryland when Victoria (, a commercial-pilot, found a little kitty outside. She picked him up, but the meows continued. Her dog Turbo was able to locate two more kittens in an old pile of bushes in the back of her yard.

The kittens were wet and cold. The runt looked sickly and needed immediate medical attention. Victoria dropped everything and rushed them to get help.

"I quickly took them to the vet and then set them up in my bathroom to care for them," Victoria told Love Meow.

Turbo could sense that they were babies and tried to offer a helping paw.


Right away, the kittens took a liking to their canine friend who is a therapy dog, and wanted to stay close by him all the time. Victoria let them interact under supervision. Turbo became their father figure as the kittens clung to him for affection.

"Providing some morning fatherly advice."


The kittens adore their foster dad and rub their faces all over him.

"They love him and think he's their dad and always run towards him when he comes in and rub up on him," Victoria said.


"Turbo is a therapy dog and we visited people with Down syndrome recently, and he knew to be extra gentle and calm with them, too. His personality is happy go lucky and loves to be with people but very calm when the situation calls for it," Victoria added.

There never can be too many cuddles.


This kitty has got his very own purrsonal bodyguard.


Adorable morning greetings with the kittens.

Turbo loves to hang out with the feline babies, and the kittens can't get enough of his presence.


Getting some love and cuddles from Turbo.


This little boy just flopped in Turbo's arms for a hug.


Sweetest friends.


Once the kittens are old enough, they will be going to their forever homes.

As for now, Victoria is looking after them with help from her trusty friend, Turbo, as the kittens grow big and strong.


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