Dusty and Sophie, 2 Love Bugs

Dusty and Sophie, 2 Love Bugs


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Sophie the calico loves Dusty. They are best cat buddies. Dusty never hissed at Sophie from day one when she was brought into the house from the outside world. Dusty loves kittens, puppies, chickens and new friends. "He put up with (Sophie) chewing on him, wrestling with him, loving on him, licking him, poking him and... well, you know! All those things."

"Dusty's one of my other rescues. Bottle fed from three days old, from a rescue mom, nearly died ten times over, has herpes and nearly lost his sight as a kitten... but man, he's just the absolute perfect cat. He doesn't think he's a cat, he knows he's a person," said Koratcat. [Sophie's rescue story]

Photos courtesy of ©Koratcats.


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