Edward the Mischievous Ginger Cat


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cute ginger kitten

Written by ©Hannah Daisy (flickr: Hannah Daisy)

Edward came to me on my 25th birthday. After that, he slept on my pillow every night. I have to say, it was like having a baby. He made me get up in the night every night to feed him, by tapping my nose and then sort of biting/sucking my nose. It was the beginning of his many mischievous antics.

He had to stay in my room whilst he was small as we have another cat called Bebe. When he got older, he moved to the living room. Every morning at 8am, he comes to meow at me. If I am not up, he starts banging on my door. He is very vocal. If I say 'I love you' he meows back. He loves company, cuddles, sitting on laps, sitting on shoulders and races down the corridor (he always wins but ends up skidding across the kitchen floor).

He lives with my housemates cat Bebe. They have a love/hate relationship and do fight quite a lot, but when they think we're not looking, you can catch them sitting together! Edward likes to lick her ears.

Edward likes to play a lot, however he destroys all the toys I buy him within 15 minutes. Sometimes he gets so excited that he runs up the walls and will charge around for a bit being a bit crazy.

Edward and I are very close. We have a very special bond. Wherever I am in the flat, he is beside me; he often sits beside the bath when I am in the shower or sits on a chair when I am cooking. He miows for cuddles and when someone comes over who he is scared of; he hides behind me. Edward is almost part of me now, I love him so much.

Photos courtesy of ©Hannah Daisy (flickr: Hannah Daisy)

cute ginger kitten perches on arm

cute ginger kitten

cute ginger kitten drinking water

cute ginger kitten

cute ginger kitten

cute ginger kitten stretching shy

cute ginger cat and kitty friend

cute ginger cat

cute ginger cat

cute ginger cat sleeping

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