Employees Save Litter of Motherless Kittens From Streets and Turn Their Lives Around


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A litter of four kittens were left behind on the streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a little over a year ago.

When a few good Samaritans found out that they had lost their cat mama, they sprang into action to save these timid little kittens.

Ike Osbun

In August last year Ike Osbun and his co-workers noticed a small litter of kittens and their mama cat hanging around their workplace.

"After a few days of seeing them here and there they were still pretty timid of humans. Something must have scared the mom because she abandoned them," Ike told Love Meow.

They waited for the mama to come back but she never did, so together they started feeding the kittens and working on getting their trust. After a few feeding sessions, the kittens became more friendly.

Ike Osbun

"They would even come up to us if we were sitting down. We figured since they didn't have a mom they were going to need a home."

One of the employees offered to take two of the kittens, and Ike knew that he couldn't go home that day without helping the other two. He called his family to let them know that they were bringing home two little kittens.

Ike Osbun

"The next day we drove them down to Delaware, where my sister, Jenny, works at a veterinary clinic to run some tests and make sure they were healthy. That's where she found out that they were anemic because their coats were ridden with fleas," Ire told Love Meow.

"The main reason we think the kittens let us rescue them was because they were infested with fleas, so much that they were very lethargic. Luckily we were able to get them to a vet in time to be scrubbed clean."

Ike Osbun

The runt of the litter, named Hodor, was in bad shape and for a couple of days, they weren't certain that if he would make it, but the little guy fought hard to live.

With the right medicine and a lot of love and care, both kittens were nursed back to health.

Ike Osbun

Two little brothers getting some cuddles from their rescuer!

Ike Osbun

Before Jenny knew it, the two little boys crept their way into her heart and she couldn't part with them.

Ike Osbun

"A little over a year later, the two cats we rescued, Hodor and Denis, are living the life down in Florida still with Jenny who fell in love with them right away," Ire told Love Meow.

Back to the vet for a visit... They are all grown up now!

Ike Osbun

Snuggling with his human at bedtime.

Ike Osbun

The Brooklyn street kittens have grown to be happy, cuddly cats!

Ike Osbun

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