Shy Cat Saved from the Street Becomes Guardian to Boy and His Little Sister


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A ginger and white cat who was saved from a difficult life living on the streets of Greece, returned the favor to his rescuers by guarding and protecting his family for life.

Meet BlaBla!

The Orphan Pet

BlaBla was a scrawny little kitten when he was spotted wandering on the streets. "He was found in terrible condition when still a young kitten," Valia Orfanidou said via The Orphan Pet.

After he was nursed back to health, a kind couple fell in love and gave him a home. Their one and a half year old son, Peter, quickly grew very fond of his feline friend and dubbed him "BlaBla" which stuck and became his name.

After two months of hiding, BlaBla finally came out of his shell and began to trust. Once he got to know love, he was hooked.

BlaBla became very attached to Peter and always kept him company as if he was his most loyal bodyguard.

The Orphan Pet

They are inseparable friends. [Scroll down for video]

Peter is very gentle with his feline buddy. They are partners in crime, doing everything together, sharing their hiddy spots.

The Orphan Pet

When Peter is watching TV, BlaBla makes sure he's never alone.

As they grew bigger, the bond only became stronger.

The Orphan Pet

Then the mother was pregnant with her second child.

Every day BlaBla spent time to cuddle with his human's belly and purr to the baby in a purrfect lullaby.

The Orphan Pet

After nine months of belly hugging, the sweet kitty finally got to curl up next to his new sister and he was in love.

Sweet Blabla is a gentle, loving soul to everyone in his family.

The Orphan Pet

When it's nap time, BlaBla is never far away.

The Orphan Pet

He adores his sister and gives her kisses.

The Orphan Pet

BlaBla and his two favorite humans in the world!

The Orphan Pet

They saved him from the street and gave him a safe and loving home that he always wanted.

Look at him now! :)

The Orphan Pet

Watch the full story in this adorable video:

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