Family Never Gave Up Looking for Their Cats After Tornado Destroyed Their Home

Family Never Gave Up Looking for Their Cats After Tornado Destroyed Their Home


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A family never gave up searching for their missing cats after the devastating tornado destroyed their home in Rowlett, Texas.

They lost everything but all they cared about was finding their cats.

Photo by Briana Landrum

Briana Landrum and her family lost everything from the tornado. "All she cared about was finding her cats, nothing else," Norah D. Meier, a rescue and search volunteer, said.

With help from the volunteers, they dug and moved their house and found one of their cats. Briana later found her other cat that was missing.

"The tornado couldn't break us. We got both of our babies back, Nollie and Ginger. Our little family is complete again," Briana said.

Photo by Briana Landrum

"We are so blessed to have found our cats! Now it is time to start finding both of us a vehicle, finding a new home, and getting furniture and whatnot as we lost everything in the tornado." (How you can help)

"Both our babies sleeping peacefully brings us so much happiness after days of pure worry and heartbreak."

Photo by Briana Landrum

Ginger is so happy to be home with her family even though it's a new temporary home.

Photo by Briana Landrum

The rescue is still ongoing.

"The first 48-72 hours were the most critical. It will take weeks to get all the animals rounded up. So many are scared and still in hiding," Norah told Love Meow.

This is one of the kitties they recently rescued!

Photo: Norah D. Meier

"While others are eating all the food everywhere and aren't going to come to people until they are hungry. Most of the cats will all have to be trapped, which the shelters are assisting residents with. If you'd like to get involved in rescue, check out Dallas Doggrrr!"

Another happy tail! This kitty was missing for 9 months. Volunteers found the cat and reunited them at Rowlett Shelter.

Photo: Norah D. Meier

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