Farm Dog Adopts Baby Kitten

Farm Dog Adopts Baby Kitten


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At the Warner Ranch and Pumkin Farm, a dog momma recently gave birth to eight tiny puppies, but she ended up having nine mouths to feed.

Coco the dog adopted a little ginger kitten that was born on the farm. The owner of the ranch Donna Warner went to check on Coco and her puppies and discovered the new member of the family that Coco was breastfeeding.

"She climbs over, bites her ears, plays with its tail, and drinks milk - she going to think she's a puppy," said Donna.

"There are 6 to 7 other kittens on the ranch and this is the only kitten Coco's taken a shine to. I put it back with the mother cat three days, and the mother won't feed it, swatted it away, so I guess it's official. It's now Coco's kitten."

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