Feral Cat Found Trust & Love

Feral Cat Found Trust & Love


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More than a month ago, this little feral cat was found living in a neglected lot in a neighborhood without adequate or stable source of food, water or shelter. "It took me quite a few days to gain enough 'trust' in order to get him. I would go by each morning and late afternoon with food and water. Usually canned cat food, sometimes tuna or salmon. Eventually he stopped running at the sight of me, and better still, he didn't mind me sitting near him as he ate. Once I felt brave enough I scooped him up mid-meal and put him in a cardboard cat carrier to bring him home. To be clear, he absolutely thrashed in the box the whole walk home and I was terrified he'd kill me once I opened it up. Obviously our relationship is going better than expected." said vonnegoat of reddit.

With a lot of love and patience, kitty adapted to his new home. "I think he's really enjoying the great indoors."

"This morning he scrambled onto my bed at 4 am. Not my ideal wake up hour, but considering the progress, I was pretty excited."


"He spent his first 36 hours indoors under my bed, refusing to move. His talents at the time were sitting absolutely still for hours on end and staring into the depths of my soul without blinking."

"On his second day, he started to explore my room, albeit timidly."

"First nap on a bed, first real step to becoming a pet."

"Now kitten naps everywhere, including my lap."

"And my shoulder."

"I think he's starting to like it here."

Photos via imgur.

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