First Ever Cat Reality Show

First Ever Cat Reality Show


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The first ever cat reality show - Meow Mix House.

Big brother, Survivor, and other reality shows have to make way for this first ever feline reality show. 10 felines are the contestants for the show. They all live under the same roof. Each week one cat will be voted off by the viewers, but the eliminated cat is not done yet. She/he will gain placement with a loving family, so the truth is that they are all winners. The last standing cat will win the crown of the Meow Mix House reality show as well as a forever home.

All the feline contestants come from various shelters:

Touched by an Animal (Chicago)

Operation Kindness (Dallas)

Houston Humane Society (Houston)

Kitten Rescue (Los Angeles)

Nashville Humane Association (Nashville)

The Cat Network (Miami)

ASPCA (New York)

P.A.L.S. (Philadelphia)

Cat Adoption Team (Portland, OR)

St. Charles Humane Association (St. Louis)

Let's watch the show:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 4:

Watch the rest of the series here.

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