Foster Family Bella the Mom and Her Kittens

Foster Family Bella the Mom and Her Kittens


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Written by ©Judy Komarow.

Momma Bella and her kittens were rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Boston from Massachusetts. The babies were just over a month old when they arrived at the shelter where they stayed a day to get "health checked" before I brought them home. Momma Bella and all her kittens have received many compliments but no permanent home offers as of yet.

The whole family is excellent in terms of the litter box. And although certainly active, they are not out of control in terms of behavior. They use the cat scratchers and have been exposed to hair brushing, nail clipping, and of course the evil vacuum cleaner! Momma Bella is a beautiful one year old long haired girl. She is AOK with getting picked up and will sit in your lap for a short time before jumping off. If you cuddle her on your shoulder she will purr. Now that her mother duties are lessening, she is getting more playful. Good appetite!

Sidney has some independent streaks but will cuddle and sleep in a warm lap. He purrs the loudest & most often of all the babies.

Simone is also a little on the independent side. She is very curious and full of energy. She gives her big brothers a run for their money in the eating category! Her funniest moment was when she ran at full speed out of the litter box in the direction of the water bowl. She stopped short but the momentum caused her whole head to plunge right into the water!

Yeti is an "alpha" cat. He wants to be the boss and wrestles with all his siblings. He is a good eater and is often on the go (tends to be the first kitten trying to sneak out of the "kitten room"). He would probably be able to fend off a dog w/o trouble! The littlest "babies" have great personalities as well. They love to snuggle and play.

Nugget has big dark eyes and is willing to tackle his bigger siblings. He is learning to run after the laser light - one of his fav toys. With a little extra effort he has learned to leap onto the kitten tree and climb to the top to look out the window.

Belle (whose long hair hides her petite build) also loves to glance out the window from the top of the cat tree. She is very playful - interested in the plastic rolling toys in particular.

Bella, Yeti (gorgeous fluffy lavender point) can be ready for new homes as soon as early week. Simone (white/calico - short hair) and her brother Sidney (gray and white) should reach goal weights in a week roughly. Nugget and Belle need a little extra time - but I am trying to fatten them up! If you would like to visit any of these wonderful felines - let me know! I would be so excited to know that they are going to great "forever" homes with doting humans.

Photos courtesy of ©Aoife (flickr: aoifea).

If you would like to adopt a kitten from Animal Rescue League of Boston, feel free contact them through their website.

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