Four Kittens Rescued from a Paper Bag and Found Hope

Four Kittens Rescued from a Paper Bag and Found Hope


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As Chobi (Nao-chan) was playing on her PC one morning, listening to the birds sing from outside, suddenly she faintly heard crying coming through her window. At first she thought it was her foster cat Wakaba playing downstairs, but then a large paper bag sitting against the wall outside by the street caught her attention.

She went out right away, nervous, not sure what to expect. As she stepped closer to the bag, the crying became more pronounced. Her heart was pounding, but that was not her first time dealing with this kind of situation. She openned the bag and saw four squirmy, tiny kittens screaming for life.

Chobi (Nao-chan) immediately took them home and put them in a large towel to keep them warm. She prepared kitten formula and fed each single of them. The babies gulped down the food and started purring like motors. The black kitten named Hikaru was the largest of all. The little tuxedo is Asashi. The ginger and white baby is Kirara. The tiny tabby is Ibuki.

Whenever they were fed, they ate like a champion. They never wasted a drop of food and were happy and content with their full belly after each meal. Nao-chan worked around the clock to feed and clean them. She never tired of what she did. It made her happy to see the babies growing and becoming healthier each day.

Two months after the rescue, the kitties moved to their forever loving homes. Hikaru and Asashi went to a family where they befriended a ginger and white kitty. Kirara and Ibuki went to another home with a tabby cat where they live happily ever after :).

Photos courtesy of ©Momo rescue group (もも組). Check out Chobi's (Nao-chan) blog here.

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