Man Saves a Helpless Feral and Turns Her Life Around


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A young man saved a tiny helpless feral kitten and turned her life around!

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"There were remnants of an abandoned garage in an open-field area, very little people traffic. (I was) passing by the garage and spotted a little fur ball. If you didn't pay attention you'd think it's a piece of wreckage around the area," reddit user Caption_Iceblock told Love Meow.

"There she was completely still, eyes closed with little signs of life. No meowing, no human acknowledgement, nothing."

Courtesy: Caption_Iceblock

"She was so exhausted that she didn't even react to her surroundings anymore, likely just gave up on living."

The kitten was left behind at a very young age. The cat mother was nowhere to be found.

The young man knew he had to help her. "This wasn't even a decision, she had to be scooped from the ground and saved from certain death in the middle of nowhere."

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He took her to the vet and set her on a path to recovery, and made sure she is given a good life.

"Veterinarian declared malnutrition, fleas, but luckily there were no worms to deal with as well. She couldn't be more than two weeks old."

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"Recovery was swift and strong, she quickly adapted to her new environment and new people-friends."

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Adorable little face! He named her Kiri!

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She befriended their older cat, and started following her around.

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Three years later...

She went from a tiny helpless feral to a happy beautiful lady cat!

Courtesy: Caption_Iceblock

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