Garfield the Fluffy Ginger Furball

Garfield the Fluffy Ginger Furball


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Garfiend is a beautiful ginger fluffy boy who has been running the roof of his house ever since he came to his new family. He is now five years old, but he is still as playful and mischievous as a little kitten.

"He has such a character and absolutely loves to play hide'n'seek around the house," said Emily. Garfield tries to get Emily to chase after him, then he will hide in a spot until Emily comes close, then he'll launch and pounce on her to give her a little surprise. He is always thrilled to play with the family and doesn't get tired at all.

"My family found him as a kitten in Sydney. He is always playful and living up to his name, Garfield, for the part that he is never a picky eater and loves everything we give him."

Garfield is no doubt the boss in his household. "He prefers to have the family to himself," said Emily.

Photos courtesy of ©Emily (flickr: Garfieldy Katt).

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