He May Look Worried, but this Rescue Cat is Just Loving His New Life

He May Look Worried, but this Rescue Cat is Just Loving His New Life


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Meet Blake the cat! He may look like he's constantly worried, but he's really just enjoying his new life with his forever humans.

Jon adopted Blake from a shelter two years ago. Before he was rescued, he spent his first three years in an abusive household. On the day he arrived in his new home, Blake laid on his back comfortably for a cat nap. "Needless to say, it's adorable," Jon said.

It's amazing what love can do. Blake has come to love his new home and everyone there.

"We have done nothing but spoil him thus far. He was obviously pretty timid and shy for the first couple of days but now just lounges around with us and loves watching tv. He is very well mannered and just loves being brushed.

"That's all we have done is pet, brush, and hug him! He loves all forms of contact and is adjusting extremely well... He is just a big ball of fluff."

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"My cat Blake lies on his back like this all day, with half of his body in the bathroom and his legs sticking out like this in one of the hallways..."

"I laugh every time I walk out and see him."

"Now I wake up to this every morning..." (by jon85943)

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