House Cat Nurses Orphaned Bobcat Kittens

House Cat Nurses Orphaned Bobcat Kittens


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Three newborn bobcat kittens were found in the woods of Alabama, but they were given a second chance by a black and white house cat named Bobbi.

These 2-week-old wild kittens were brought into Big Cat Rescue in Tampa by Jamie Veronica who drove almost 24 hours on the road even barreling through rainstorms after she received a phone call from a veterinary clinic. The kittens were then bottle fed, but the staff from Big Cat Rescue wanted to provide a feline mother who could eventually teach them the skills necessary to survive in the wild. They contacted many local shelters and finally came across this one cat  named Bobbi.

Bobbi is a former stray cat who just gave birth to her own kittens. The staff of Big Cat Rescue were worried about if she would accept the wild kittens. When Bobbi came out of the carrier, she heard a few faint cries from the wild furry babies. Within a few minutes, she stepped in and started nursing them.

Bobbi sees these wild furry babies as if they were her own kittens. After nursing them, she cleans them and provides warmth.

The wild kittens are named Midnight (f), Rain (f) and Storm (m). They will be returned to the wild within a year to 18 months according to Big Cat Rescue.

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