How Much Can Cats Carry

How Much Can Cats Carry


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It is well known how much Japanese adore cats. The very first feline corporate executive Tama, popular Cat Cafés, the business must-have ornament, Maneki Neko and the love they have for Hello Kitty show how much cats have influenced their culture. A Japanese TV show did a study on how much cats are willing to carry their food in their mouth. In this behavioral study, the show chose to use fish to be the object for the cats to carry. Since cats love fish, it is an obvious choice. Also, all the cats that participated in this study were feral cats living in the quiet woods in Japan. Providing some fish is definitely something the cats would love to have. [The video is absolutely hilarious!]

So the experiment was to observe how cats carry their food in various sizes and weights. It began with a small fish and gradually the size and the weight of the fish increased. There were three very active cats that the study particularly focused on. This is perhaps one of the most interesting videos I have seen.

Click play to watch the video below (I don't speak Japanese, but the video is still very easy to understand)

Cats Carrying Fish

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