How These Sock Sweaters Protect a Tiny Kitten and Help Her Heal

How These Sock Sweaters Protect a Tiny Kitten and Help Her Heal


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A kind-hearted woman made these sock sweaters for her tiny foster kitten to protect her and help her heal.

Selene the little miracle kitten was just a couple days old when she and her mama were turned in to a county shelter.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

A local rescue group, Cat Adoption Team, in Sherwood, Oregon saved them from an uncertain fate, and Shelby, a volunteer at the rescue, took them in to foster.

"Selene came to me when she was only five days old. She was the size of a newborn (they should double their weight by the first week) and with her eyes wide open I thought she was the most adorable little alien kitten I had ever seen," Shelby told Love Meow.

While Selene quickly settled into her foster home, her mom, Muse, was a terrified mess. She showed no interest in feeding her baby and had eventually stopped producing milk.

"Selene was crying for her mom so I made some kitten milk replacer and offered it to her. She downed it. She was so hungry that she didn't seem to care where the food was coming from or that it tasted different."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

When the kitten was about two and a half weeks old Shelby discovered that something wasn't right with her umbilical cord.

"They are supposed to fall off 3-5 days after they are born. I had moved them into my foster room and noticed the base of Selene's cord was torn open and very raw looking after Muse had given her a bath," Shelby told Love Meow.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

She didn't want to separate the kitten from her mother so she made some tiny sweaters for Selene to help prevent the wound from being licked and getting worse.

" She took the sweaters in stride and enjoyed Muse's company."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Shelby used fuzzy socks and fashioned them into mini sweaters by cutting off the toe part and creating four holes for the kitten's little legs.

Not only did they help the fur baby heal, but also provided much comfort.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

A tiny plush hot pink jumpsuit. :)

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Soon it became clear that Muse was not capable to continue caring for her kitten as she went into heat and would be better off getting spayed and put up for adoption.

Shelby became the full-time surrogate mom for the little baby, feeding and looking after her around-the-clock.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

"This left me with my little cuddly and quirky singleton drama queen Selene. She is demanding and spunky. I've never met a kitten who enjoys toys more than she does," Shelby told Love Meow.

Every time after she finishes eating, she falls asleep in her foster mom's hands while purring up a storm.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Selene constantly asked to be held, so as a devoted foster mom, Shelby made a pouch for the kitten to nestle in and to be carried around like a baby kangaroo.

The tiny princess loves it!

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

"We made the decision to get her some playmates to help her learn how to interact with other kitties. I picked up three litter mates who are just about the same age and they are all blending nicely," Shelby told Love Meow.

"In the last few days she has seemed to really enjoy their company and sneaking up and pouncing has become great fun for her."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Today Selene is seven weeks and weighs at 1.4 pounds (from 3.4 ounces when they got her).

She has blossomed into a playful, affectionate lovebug thanks to the love and dedication from her foster mom.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Look at her now!

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