How to Help Your Cats Cope with Loud Thunder and Fireworks

How to Help Your Cats Cope with Loud Thunder and Fireworks


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Thunderstorms can be very stressful for cats. Cats are connected to their surroundings through smell and sounds. They can sense a thunderstorm coming before we can even realize it. They are able to smell and hear something far better than what humans are capable of. Many cats are well aware of the danger of thunderstorms, thus become frightened when they know a thunderstorm is immenent.

Cats can become fearful when it is raining without the thunder. Some of them are afraid of the splashing sounds and instinctively take refuge for their safety. There are a few things you can do to reassure your furry friends that everything will be just fine.

[video: These 2 cats took refuge during a thunderstorm]

Good preparation

One thing we can do to reduce fear for our cats is to take note of the weather forecast and provide things for your cats to create a pleasant experience when a thunderstorm hits. Sometimes a severe thunderstorm can knock out the power of a region. Having all the necessary supplies such as water, food, toys and treats can help keep your cats' daily routine intact.

If your cats are particularly afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks, it would be a fantastic idea to use toys or their favorite treats as a distraction to keep them excited and stimulated, so their attention can be redirected to something pleasant. In doing so, you are creating a positive association between the loud sounds and pleasant memories rather than the fear and terror of thunder.

Stay Calm

Your mood can be very influential to your cats well-being. Your cats can get stressed out if there is tension in the family. Your calming manner can help sooth them and give them peace of mind. When your cats become antsy about an upcoming thunderstorm or ongoing fireworks, speak with them in a soft, soothing, uplifting tone. It will ensure them that you are there to keep them safe and protected. Do not yell at your cats if they become aggressive or behave abnormally. Yelling can only intensify the negative behavior and creates more fear in your cats.

Provide a spot for refuge

Many cats will take refuge under a bed, a table or anywhere that can help muffle the sound and make them feel protected. If your cats have not picked a place, you can go ahead and provide one for them. You can use treats to encourage them to hide in a safe place.

Remember that cats are scared of loud sounds or fireworks out of instinct. You can help them by staying calm, tantalizing them with toys and treats, so they can be distracted from the noise. It may take a few tries for your cats to fully understand they will be fine during a thunderstorm or fireworks. Your patience, encouragement and positivity will make everything much easier for your furry friends.

[Another video: Cats and thunderstorms]

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