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The Tonight Show will no longer be the same with out Conan O'Brien. Not only the USA, but many countries from all over the world are rallying for Coco, the king of the night time talk shows. He is leaving NBC for somewhere yet to be known. His legacy will live on. My cats watch Conando every night. Though they have never told me, I know they laugh at Conan's comedy bits especially one with NBC executive petting his cat and Conan's famous feline meowing toward his guests.

Conan will be missed, but we are sure he will return to television very soon. We waited for months for Conan to come back after he ended his Late Night show. Now we will have to wait again :-(, but you know what, we are with Coco and it is worth waiting.

This is my cat, Flip. He is with Coco too. He and his two brothers, Jackie and Shadow will wait for Conan O'Brien to return on television.

"I IZ WIF COCO!" said they.

Original picture can be found at I'm With COCO.

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