In Memory of Kuzu, the White Fluffy Angel

In Memory of Kuzu, the White Fluffy Angel


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Kuzu was born on the 6th of May, 2008. Burcu and her family waited for a while until they could adopt this lovely white fluffy baby. Unfortunately she went to the rainbow bridge last year. Here are photos and story in memory of Kuzu by her hooman, ©Burcu:

After one and half months, we brought an adorable cloud-like kitty to our home. I (Burcu) remember that my stomach was filled with butterflies on that very first day, she was so small and delicate, she even did not recognize that she was in a new home, she was constantly sleeping. I cannot forget that day, she climbed onto the backrest of the couch and continued to sleep over there, while we were watching her with eyes wide-open, speaking in a low voice. She suddenly fell down on the floor, but she continued to sleep on the floor like nothing had happened.

She was beyond cute! She was so soft, white, and fluffy. I've been always crazy about her pink nose, ears and paws. I was calling her "my sunshine", "my fountain of life", "my precious", because she really was; she was the one which collected all the beauties, goodness and kindness in her small delicate beautiful body, and in her manners.

She always loved to sit on top of the refrigerator, watching pigeons and sparrows settling on windows and balcony. That was her favourite spot, it always felt great, knowing that she was there while me working in the kitchen. Also, we were always amazed by her being curled up asleep in her small round basket presenting an image of a delicate "flower cat".

I'm studying literature and Kuzu was always with me day and night among books, lying/sleeping on the books. I cannot think of such a sweet "distraction" than her; I always had to give long breaks to kiss and love her. She was pure LOVE! She was always on top of my chest sleeping with loud purrs while me reading on the couch; we were like one body - one soul - one mind - one heart. I was nearly holding my breath, standing still not to disturb her. I felt like I could stay like that forever! I wish I could freeze those moments of peace and bliss with her.

I sincerely know that this did not end here and we will definitely come together someday never to be parted again, (maybe she's waiting in the lush green meadows and hills of the Rainbow Bridge), while I here sew the fragments of our time together, of our endless companionship: my cheek on the softness of your belly, me and you snuggle up in the bed, your warmth on my chest, your purrs blending with my heartbeats, the feeling of holding your tiny rose-coloured paws, you lying down on the long rectangles of sun across the table among my books, you looking out the window for hours, your unremitting, ceaseless curiosity for nature, for seeing beyond the window...

I loved you madly Kuzu.


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