Interesting and Weird Cat Toys

Interesting and Weird Cat Toys


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Toilet Paper Cat Toy Organic Catnip

Description: ( link)

"Sometimes even the most mild mannered kitty can miss the box, for those times, cheer your cat up with this charming TP cat toy. Let kitty roll around a roll, and see how they shape up. Next time they can take care of it them selves...."

Pizza Face Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Description: ( link)

"Some times your cat just wants to kick back and have a couple of slices. Known world wide as the first choice of Italian "Food" Cat Toy connoisseurs. You will get 2 Slices."

Art Set Organic Catnip Toys

Description: ( link)

"Artsy cool cats will love these pallet and paintbrush toys. Great gift for an artist."

Bagel and Lox Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Description: ( link)

"Do you want to keep your kitty kosher? Yes you do, and how do you do it? With this, a Jewish cat's dream! A sesame seed Bagel, slathered with cream cheese and topped with a generous piece of fresh Lox on each slice. Great gift for a funny, weird or odd friend."

Pink Taco Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Description: ( link)

"Tom Cats and Lesbo Pussies will love this toy. Some cats are carpet lickers, and who's to blame them? "

Description: ( link)

"Is your cat Mexican? Feels like your 'South of the Border' with these Organic Catnip Tacos. Purrfect for a light snack before kitties have their siesta!"

Tiny Turdy Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Description: ( link)

"This is a cute tiny turdy on a 3 foot piece of yarn. Perfect for tying to a doorknob for endless fun."

Syringe Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Description: ( link)

"Cats today just want to get high and freak out, then nap. This darling little syringe is so fun to play with, the needle will wiggle around but wont stab you! Great gift for moms and dads of cats who work in the medical industry...."

Catnip Eyeballs

Description: ( link)

"What’s that rolling along the floor? That’s right... an eyeball! Perfect for a pet stocking stuffer! These splendid cat toys are handmade with clean recycled sweatshirt fabric. The insides of sweatshirts provide a great nubby texture cats love to chew on. Stuffed with plenty of minty organic catnip from an awesome local source these eyeballs are a hit! Big enough not to roll into the cavern under your stove or fridge but light enough to bat around for hours. They are kitten tested, perfect to chew, kick, bat and pounce on. I make each set fresh when ordered, no stale catnip for your felines!"

Sushi Cat Toys

Description: ( link)

"These kitty toys are designed to look like sushi rolls and are hand-made from brand new felt cloth and 100% certified organic catnip purchased from Lori's Natural Foods. Each sushi catnip toy is rolled together with a felt interior and catnip generously sprinkled within every layer of felt. These toys are highly durable and will withstand very rough play.

The Organic Sushi Cat Toys come in several "flavors", current "flavors" are:




Spicy Tuna and Cucumber

Yellowtail and Cucumber

Yellowtail and Spicy Tuna

Carrot and Celery"

Catnip Swiss Roll Cat Toy

Description: (Jake & Micah link)

"Indulge you cat's chocolate cravings without the guilt! Jake & Micah's Organic Catnip Swiss Roll cat toys are the perfect size for cats to hold and bat around. The unique shape allows them to roll around as a fun game of cat and rolled cake. Micah goes nuts batting these around the house! Your cat will love these tasty catnip treats!"

Video Game Controllers Catnip Cat Toys

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