Irresistible Cookie Monster

Irresistible Cookie Monster


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Cookie Monster came to his foster care hoping someday to find a forever home, but maybe he's already found one.

He was rescued as an orphan along with several other kitties. Mechel took him into her care and bottle fed him round the clock. She's babied the little tux so much that she is in love and can't bear to part with him. "I'm bottle feeding Cookie Monster, so I'm feeling the same maternal love for him."

Cookie Monster is one of the kitties that have turned their fosterers into parents for life. "Foster Failure" is coined to describe the situation. But to me, they are success stories :).

Many kitties like Cookie Monster are still looking for their loving homes. Jinx is one of them, a black cat who raised 5 kittens when she wasn't much more than a babe herself. She is having a hard time finding a good home. Check out her story here. Photos courtesy of ©Chel (flickr: peashells). They are located in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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