Juniper: World's Most Laid-Back Kitten

Juniper: World's Most Laid-Back Kitten


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Written by ©Andrea.

A year ago I started feeding the feral and semi-feral cats at my house and trying to find homes for them what are adoptable. To date I've placed three adults and Juniper is the 4th kitten.

I was sitting here in the room last Thursday reading a news article when Daniel called to me to say there was a kitten on the porch. So I went and got some wet food, intending to bait the trap, but apparently kitten was starving because he thought about running when I went out, but when I took a chance on setting down the wet food he came running up to eat and I nabbed him.

Juniper (named for Juniperus virginiana, the Virginia cedar tree) is a very laid-back kitten (as you can see from the pictures below). He just hangs out like that and purrs.

He will go to the vet on Tuesday, where he will get a check-up, tested for FIV and FeLV, a guess at his age, and then his rabies/distemper vax. We will then schedule his neutering! After neutering, he will be available to a good home. Just look at this little fella. Someone out there needs this kitten to make their life complete, I know it.

This winter or spring I'll be getting the two adult females spayed, then start working on trapping the toms and getting them neutered, as placing kittens is hard work!

Photos courtesy of ©Andrea (Andrea's flickr, her blog: The Manor of Mixed Blessings).

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