Kibbe with a Face that Lights Up the Room

Kibbe with a Face that Lights Up the Room


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When Kibbe found her hooman, Lizzie, the little tabby completely stole her heart. She has the face that can light up the room and bring a smile to anyone. "She was so scared (when she arrived in her new home) but as soon as she saw how many toys I had for her, she cheered right up! She loves to play and has a talent for climbing up my legs," said Lizzie, a proud mom.

"Kibbe is named after my college roommate, but it turns out that 'Kibbe(h)' is also the name of meatball-like arab dish, which is perfect because she's a little meatball!"

With a face like this, who could resist? :)

Photos and story courtesy of ©Lizzie. Kibbe is also called "Madam Judith Kibbe" when she is being fancy. Doesn't she have the face of an angel? Here are more fotos:

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