Kitten Born with Two Faces Saved By Woman Who Never Gave Up On Her Despite the Odds

Kitten Born with Two Faces Saved By Woman Who Never Gave Up On Her Despite the Odds


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A little kitten named Bettie Bee is truly a miracle. She was born with two noses, two mouths and three eyes.

The kitten came to her rescuer as a bottle baby after she was born in a litter of three in Eastern Cape, South Africa on December 12th. She was very unique with two faces which made it very difficult for her to nurse.

Bettie Bee @bettiebee2faces

Her rescuer took her in and started tube-feeding the kitten around the clock. According to the caregiver, both of her mouths are functional and lead to the stomach. She can eat from either of her mouths and has no trouble swallowing.

After a trip to the vet, the rescuer was advised to put the kitten to sleep, but she refused to as she wanted to give the little one a fighting chance at survival.

The kitten was born with an extremely rare congenital disorder called Diprosopus, also known as craniofacial duplication. Cats with this condition are known as "Janus cats".

Bettie Bee @bettiebee2faces

Frankenlouie, a well-known Janus cat from Massachusetts, born with only one esophagus lived till the age of 15 as the longest-surviving Janus cat according to Guinness Book of World Records.

Little Bettie Bee is doing well. She's eating like a champ and growing bigger and stronger every day.

Bettie Bee @bettiebee2faces

At six days old, Bettie Bee started to open her eyes and crawl around her bed. "Middle two eyes are merged into one big eye," her human mom said.

They keep her fed and content with a full belly. The kitten continues to beat the odds and reach new milestones.

Bettie Bee @bettiebee2faces

Today, she is 10 days old, weighing in at 200 grams — a 27-gram gain in just two days.

What a little fighter!

Bettie Bee @bettiebee2faces

Bettie Bee's human mom will continue to care for her and raise her so she will be able to have a great life that she so deserves.

The little miracle kitty never ceases to amaze her humans with her will to live. They hope to see her thrive and live for many many years to come.

Watch Bettie Bee in this video:

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