Kitten Born with Crooked Legs Finds Love in Cat Friend and Won't Stop Following Him

Kitten Born with Crooked Legs Finds Love in Cat Friend and Won't Stop Following Him


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This tiny rescued kitten has deformed front legs and many extra toes. When he came to his foster home, all he wanted was someone to cuddle with.

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Tater Tot is a special needs kitten born with deformities in his front legs. He was taken to a veterinary clinic, where the vets suggested euthanasia. Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life RescueNetwork, was contacted about the kitty. Without hesitation, she offered to take him.

"He was diagnosed with Radial Hypoplasia, which is when the radial bones in the forelimbs are too short. In some severe cases, this is known as 'twisted legs syndrome'," Jacqueline told Love Meow.

Tater also has a kinked stubby tail and polydactyl paws - lots of extra toes. He is in no pain and doesn't let anything stop him from doing things just like any other cat.

The little guy was very vocal from the beginning and wouldn't take no for an answer. "He is a very needy kitty who screams 24/7 for attention and food. The second you stop petting him, he cries."

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Jacqueline's resident cat, Wolfie, was intrigued when he heard the loud meows coming from the foster room. While he was smelling the kitten, trying to get to know him, Tater was impatiently crying out at him for attention.

"They took to each other pretty much immediately. Wolfie gave him the standard sniff test and Tater loved having a friend," Jacqueline told Love Meow.

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As soon as Wolfie came down from the carrier, Tater swooped in for some cuddles. The little bundle of fluff switched on his purr motor while rubbing his face all over his new friend.

Wolfie quickly found himself a very clingy foster kitty, trailing him everywhere he went. "You rarely found one without the other."

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

"Tater loves other cats (especially Wolfie) and starts purring right away. He loves to be snuggled and his chin rubbed," Jacqueline said. "He makes biscuits with his paws while he walks. He's a total purr machine."

He wouldn't stop crying until Wolfie was by his side.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Wolfie was like a big brother to Tater, teaching him all the tricks to be a cat. He introduced his tiny protegé to his very first cardboard box and showed him the meaning of "if it fits, I sits."

"They did everything together, and Wolfie also taught Tater how to scream for treats," Jacqueline told Love Meow.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Just like Tater, Wolfie was rescued when he was only 15oz and in poor shape. Vets suggested euthanasia as they didn't think he would survive, but Jacqueline never gave up on him.

Watch Wolfie and Tater in this cute video:

Kitten with Radial Hypoplasia finds a buddy in foster

Over a year later, Wolfie became Tater's foster brother, helping him socialize and sharing all his toys with him.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Tater wants attention and needs someone near at all times. Wolfie always knew what to do.

When Wolfie received a new toy for his birthday, instead of playing with it himself, he decided to give it to someone he adored.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

"He gently carried the toy to Tater, gave it to him and let him play," Jacqueline said.

Wolfie showed his buddy the same love that he received when he was rescued.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

He didn't care that Tater walked a bit differently or that he was extremely clingy. He was happy to offer him a shoulder to lean on whenever Tater wanted company.

With his help, Tater really blossomed and was finally ready for his next chapter of his life.

Friends for Life RescueNetwork

Three days ago, Tater graduated from his foster program and went on to his forever home, where he met his new brother, Roo, who also has Radial Hypoplasia. The two quickly became friends.

Wolfie was a great help with his foster, and now he is ready to give the next rescued kitten that comes through the door, his love and TLC.

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