'Dalmatian' Kitten and Her Sister Overcome Everything Together After Getting a Second Chance

'Dalmatian' Kitten and Her Sister Overcome Everything Together After Getting a Second Chance


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A "Dalmatian" kitten and her sister overcame everything together after getting a second chance.

kitten Dalmatian markingsSpice the kittenMini Cat Town

When Pumpkin and Spice, feline sisters, arrived at an animal shelter, they were in rough shape. They had cloudy eyes and upper respiratory infections, but found comfort in each other.

Pumpkin (calico) was very frail and clung tightly to her sister Spice (who has Dalmatian-like markings on her chest and legs). They needed a foster home and a dedicated person to care for them around the clock.

Thoa Bui, cofounder of Mini Cat Town, learned about their condition and didn't hesitate to take them into her rescue.

kitten sistersMini Cat Town

"They were very sick with eye infections so severe that we were unsure what the outcome would be," Thoa shared with Love Meow.

Despite it all, Thoa and her team were ready to tackle the challenge to save their eyes. "During Pumpkin's first couple nights with us, we just hoped she would make it, because she was very unwell."

calico rescue kittenPumpkin had a rough startMini Cat Town

After days of intensive care, Pumpkin perked up and started moving around. Spice was by her side cheering her on as they continued their healing journey together.

Spice made great strides after just a few days being in foster care. The cloudiness of her eye was clearing up and she was getting more active by the day.

smile kittenSpice started to improve in foster careMini Cat Town

Her spirits kept Pumpkin going and wanting to keep up with the recovery pace. The swelling in Pumpkin's eyes was going down and she began to grow in size and fluff.

"After about a week, while their eyes were still being treated, they started feeling better. We knew they would be okay once we saw them eating on their own and playing with each other," Thoa told Love Meow.

smiley happy kittenHer eye cleared upMini Cat Town

"Their newfound energy and playfulness is a far cry from their arrival, when they were feeling so sick, sleeping a lot. Their eye treatment regiment was tough on them. We're so proud of them for their perseverance."

Pumpkin's right eye healed completely, but her left eye remained murky for quite some time.

tiny calico kittenPumpkin was also on the mendMini Cat Town

"Just when we thought all hope was lost for Pumpkin's left eye, it started clearing up. Overnight, the cloudiness almost disappeared."

Throughout their recovery, the feline sisters have been an inseparable pair. They relish every moment together and are rarely apart.

dalmatian calico kittensSpice and PumpkinMini Cat Town

Spice who is confident and curious, nudges Pumpkin to play, and her boisterous energy rubs off on her. Pumpkin is now coming out of her shell as she tries to follow in Spice's paw-steps.

smiley kittenSpice has Dalmatian-like markings and wears a constant smile on her faceMini Cat Town

"The girls are quite bonded after going through so much together and we can't wait to find them a forever home once they are ready. Spice is super outgoing and loves to play. Pumpkin is a little more shy."

calico kitten sweetPumpkin is a bit shy but getting braver each day by following SpiceMini Cat Town

After weeks of healing and growing, Pumpkin and Spice have regained their vision and are in tip-top shape. "Pumpkin is starting to become more friendly and playful because she watches and follows Spice."

playful kitten spiceMini Cat Town

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