Kitten Fostered by University Naps In Class With Students


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Two kittens are being fostered at St. George's University and have been hanging out with the vet students in class. "Two kittens are being fostered until they are adopted. They needed socialization so the foster brought them to class for a few hours. I claimed one until they had to leave," said reddit user avboden, vet student. "We had food, water and a litter box up in the corner for them."

One of the kittens, a tabby  cat decided to turn a laptop sleeve into his bed. "He actually curled up inside the laptop sleeve and slept there for 2 straight classes... with a potty break in between."

"I learned nothing in class today," he added.

One of the foster kittens at St. George's University. He curled up inside the laptop sleeve for a nap during class

The kittens learn to socialize with people by coming to class

Both kittens are up for adoption! Photos via reddit.

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