Kitten Rescued by Worker on Loading Dock Now Can't Stop Purring

Kitten Rescued by Worker on Loading Dock Now Can't Stop Purring


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This man found a kitten on a loading dock that was barely hanging on. When he took the kitten into his arms, the tiny fur ball started purring aloud...

Kitten with a little heart on his chest found on a loading dock is now purring nonstop with the person who rescued him.

Photo by Duncan Cameron

Duncan Cameron shares the story with Love Meow: "He wandered onto the loading dock at my job last week, completely starved and in rough shape. When he wandered in, I knew the little guy desperately needed a home. So I called my wife, got her blessing and immediately took him home.

Later that afternoon we took him to the vet. He was so starved that he had no poop in his system to get a stool sample, and so anemic that he passed out during his exam.

Photo by Duncan Cameron

We brought him home and have been feeding him all he'll eat, lavished him with much-needed love and affection. He is eating like crazy, craving attention and love, which is being freely given, and we WILL bring this little warrior back from the brink.

Took him back to the vet early this week, he was up from a sickly 1 lb, 4 oz to a whopping 1 lb, 8 oz.

Photo by Duncan Cameron

We took in another rescue kitty last year and named her Freya. So of course we had to name this little fella Loki! He is a joy. He is very affectionate, and loves to give us kisses, licks and love.

Young Loki is a polydactyl, having an extra toe on each paw. However, on his front paws he has an EXTRA extra toe, for a total of seven toes on each!

Photo by Duncan Cameron

Loki has been a great joy to us, and we hope he continues to be so for a long time to come."

Watch video: Loki is so happy at his forever home now that he can't stop giving his human kisses!

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