Woman Saves Kitten from Middle of Road When Others Just Keep Driving

Woman Saves Kitten from Middle of Road When Others Just Keep Driving


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A tiny kitten ended up in the middle of the road in Norman, Oklahoma. No one stopped for him until a woman came to his rescue.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

Rachael, a foster volunteer of Bella SPCA, was driving down a busy street with her boyfriend when they spotted a tiny ball of fur in the middle of their lane. The car in front of them drove over it, narrowly missing it between the tires.

A moment later, she realized that it was a kitten, meowing frantically. "When I ran out of the car to check on what I thought I had seen, I didn't know if he was still alive or injured because he was so tiny," Rachael told Love Meow.

"I just snatched him up and pressed him against my chest. Immediately, I felt his frail body relax, this great sense of relief and exhaustion came over him, and I just covered him with my hands."

Rachael @thechronicfoster

Rachael brought the kitten back to her car and kept him close to her. "I spoke softly to him the 20 or so minutes home. By the time we arrived, he was as calm as can be expected for such a harrowing ordeal."

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Rachael @thechronicfoster

The little ginger boy was hungry and just skin and bones, but he refused to suckle on a bottle. Rachael tried to use some wet food to encourage him to eat.

"Each feeding was a task for the first several days, but he began to like the formula and recognize me as someone kind," she added.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

They named him Pebble, and the little bundle of joy quickly discovered his purr motor.

"He was purring constantly, rolling around on his back and just being an enormous ham for love and attention," Rachael said.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

A few days later, Pebble's health started to decline. That's when they discovered that he was sick with feline panleukopenia, a virus which is often lethal in kittens.

Rachael refused to give up and amped up on the round-the-clock care. Through a labor of love, Pebble finally regained his appetite and even started playing and pouncing.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

"He survived a harrowing adventure in the middle of the street. And then he survived a terrible virus," Rachael said. "He purrs, makes biscuits. He is such a sweet little guy."

Watch Pebble's journey in this video:

Kitten saved from middle of street gets second chanceyoutu.be

Rachael suspects that Pebble may have fallen from a truck, where his mother moved his litter. "He wasn't old enough to crawl into or out of the street."

Rachael @thechronicfoster

A few weeks later, the ginger boy was nursed back to health, and blossomed into a cuddle-bug.

"He's a super snuggler, constantly giving kisses and touching his paws to his person's face."

Rachael @thechronicfoster

Pebble has come so far since he was found in the middle of the road.

He has been adopted into a loving home, where he has two feline siblings to play with and loving humans to cuddle.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

The seven-ounce kitten that they rescued, has beat the odds and thrived.

He is now ruling the roost at his forever loving home, living life like a king.

Rachael @thechronicfoster

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