Kitten Saved from Junk Yard Can't Stop Cuddling with Her Rescuers

Kitten Saved from Junk Yard Can't Stop Cuddling with Her Rescuers


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This little kitty came from a junk yard and was barely hanging on. The moment she started cuddling with her rescuers, she couldn't stop. This is what a second chance can do.

"She was with a group of 11 cats. All of their ears nipped. The rest of them eat well, but don't let her get any. She was in horrible shaped compared to the rest," reddit user CassieD21 wrote.

"The others are well taken care of. Their bellies full and nice coats. This one was barely hanging on." (More info: reddit)

When they spotted the emaciated kitty, they went into rescue. Once the kitten was coaxed into the box with a large blanket, they got on their way to bring the kitty to their home.

The little calico was drenched in oil. "I did bathe her. Twice! Her coat went from dark gray clumpy to a soft white calico. I would have never guessed. I've checked inside her ears several times. That is dried oil in her ears," they wrote.

"She was very light sensitive due to the fact her eyes kept closing shut. But now she sees perfectly fine. Her pupils were highly dilated for the first couple days. "

They wrapped her up in a sweater to keep her warm and cuddled with her all night. The kitty named Lulu started to perk up while she was snuggling in their arms.

"She can't stop purring and wants to be loved. Either in your lap, while you sleep, or rubbing your leg. She's too cute!"

"After my 25 year old tabby passed I didn't get another. I decided to adopt her because she NEEDED a good home. She was severely malnourished, covered in oil, eyes constantly closed shut, etc. She needed someone to take care of her and give her some love. Now she has my SO, my lab-Miles, and I. A perfect home. (Oh and an aquarium to stare at)"

Her favorite spot to nap at night.

When Lulu is not snuggling with her humans, she cuddles with their laundry.

She can't get enough of the softness.

She would take any chance for a cuddle.

It's hard to believe that this is the same cat from the junk yard. Lulu has come so far and is now loving every bit of her new life.

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